The Next Step In Safer Fire Fighting Ventilation Operations


Become A Sales Rep

Quick Step Anchor, Inc. is immediately hiring motivated Professional Firefighters in USA & Canada!

With Career, Volunteer or Combination Fire Department experience. The ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Significant experience as a Firefighter or Fire Officer, preferably in a front line Truck company.
  • Considerable experience performing Vertical Ventilation in both working fire conditions as well as training scenarios.
  • Knowledgeable and comfortable with Truck Company Operations, including the use of power tools and sound knowledge of building construction.
  • Must be an honorable, hardworking, respectable, aggressive Firefighter or Fire Officer, who combines common sense and experience with respect of his/hers peers in the Fire Service.
  • Must have the confidence to answer questions about Vertical Ventilation and the Quick Step Anchor.

You will be thouroughlt trained and provided all the tools needed to be successful! You will be your own boss! Please send your resume and (3) Fire Service references to”


Join us in our mission to provide Fall Protection to our brothers and sisters and reduce LODDs and injuries from falls.

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