The Next Step In Safer Fire Fighting Ventilation Operations


Use And Benefits

The Quick Step Anchor is a sturdy, robust and lightweight platform. It is anchored to the roof with two curved metal hooks that insert through a plunge or the kerf-cut of a chainsaw which only takes seconds.

A Smart & Solid Design

The design and operation of the hooks (patent pending) allows the Anchor to lock under the sheathing, making the connection as strong as the roof it's adjoined to. Once anchored to the roof, the working platform can be fully adjusted, allowing the Firefighter to work confidently on any pitched roof.

The working platform has stability and traction holes which allow debris to pass through (snow, water, small pieces of wood, etc.). It also provides an anchor point to which Firefighters can secure themselves with a safety lanyard and will arrest the Firefighter in the event of a fall.


The Quick Step Anchor can be carried "hands-free" by using the safety lanyard as a carrying strap over the shoulder...freeing your hands for climbing and carrying tools.

Removal & Storage

Removing the Quick Step Anchor from its anchor point is a process that is as fast as its deployment. It easily mounts or is stored in any apparatus compartment and takes up little space.

Manpower Efficiency

The days of tying up a Firefighter to simply secure a foothold for the ventilating Firefighter is a thing of the past. The second Firefighter no longer has to stand on the lower end of the roof ladder to stop it from swinging out or becoming unhooked as he would have to do with other roof steps. This will provide the one thing that all fire departments need and that's more manpower at the scene.

Using the Quick Step Anchor speeds up the ventilation process and puts time on your side. The less time spent on the roof reduces the likelihood of a Firefighter falling through it!

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