The Next Step In Safer Fire Fighting Ventilation Operations


About The QSA

The Quick Step Anchor is a device that has been designed to safely speed up Vertical Ventilation Operations by providing Firefighters with a sturdy platform that will take the place of the pickhead axe, trash hook, or haligan which are currently used as footholds for today's truckmen. Both of these practices need a dedicated Firefighter simply to hold the axe trash hook or haligan in order to stabilize and ensure they don't come out of the roof.

Performing Vertical Ventilation Operations in this manner is very dangerous and does not provide a solid and confident foothold for the Firefighter performing the procedure.

The Quick Step Anchor has been designed to free up the Firefighter that was previously dedicated to securing the axe/haligan and provides a secure and stable platform for the truckman that is performing the operation.

The Quick Step Anchor also incorporates an "anchor point" that allows the truckman to anchor him/herself with a lanyard. In the event that he/she slips and falls, since the truckman is anchored to the "QSA" and the QSA is anchored to the roof, their fall will be arrested by the attached lanyard.

The Quick Step Anchor is a sturdy and robust roof step that will make your Vertical Ventilation Operation a faster and more importantly, a safer procedure.

  • Adjustable to all pitched roofs
  • Carry hands-free up any ladder
  • Anchor point can be used for rappelling or roof rescues
  • Stores easily in any fire apparatus
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily used and implemented
  • Training takes only minutes
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Maintenance Free

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