The Next Step In Safer Fire Fighting Ventilation Operations


Design Inspiration

About 10 years ago, a Springfield Firefighter fell off the roof of a three-family residential home. Even though he survived the fall, he was hospitalized with numerable life-threating injuries.

Ever since that accident, the fall and how it affected the life of that firefighter would always be in the back of my mind every time I had to operate from a rooftop.

Flash forward a number of years and a lot of fires later, I had advanced up through the ranks to the be promoted as Captain of Training for the Springfield Fire Department. In this position, I spent a lot of time training Firefighters on vertical ventilation and rooftop operations. I observed that the one thing most were concerned about was falling off or through roofs due to the unavailability of equipment that truly gave them a safe and sturdy footing. The enlightenment I gained from training these fine Firefighters caused me to think that there has to be a faster, safer and overall better way to perform vertical ventilation operations on a pitched roof!

One night, the idea came to me, so I got up and started sketching out the design concept and the following day, made a very crude prototype to experiment with...and it worked! The last three years of my life have have been dedicated to providing a tool that will allow Firefighters to more safely perform these dangerous procedures on a pitched roof. I met with engineers, machinists, lawyers and Firefighters, all of whom all contributed valuable information and experience in their areas of expertise.

The result of all the time and effort is the invention of the Quick Step Anchor!

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