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Quick Step Anchor For Safe Roof Ventilation

I try to stay up with newer products and recently heard of the Quick Step Anchor. So I immediately did what most of us would do and googled it. I was intrigued and wanted to know …
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Firefighter Nation Gear Test: Quick Step Anchor

One challenge firefighters face when working on rooftops is maintaining good footing, especially when roof pitches are steep or weather-worn. Many common footing techniques require not only a …
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The Quick Step Anchor: A vertical-ventilation ops safety tool

The QSA is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum and incorporates an anchor point that allows the firefighter to anchor with a safety lanyard in case of a fall.
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Springfield Fire Captain shows off his new invention

A local firefighter showed off his invention Thursday, and it's something that's captured the attention of fire departments across the country.
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Firefighter invents lifesaving tool

Captain Robert Duffy from the Springfield Fire Department unveiled his invention called the "quick step anchor". The device latches on to just about any roof and gives a firefighter a …
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Springfield (MA) Firefighter Invents Way to Aid Firefighters on Roofs

News articale featured on Fire Engineering Magazine's website.
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Springfield Fire Capt. Robert Duffy invents 'Quick Step Anchor' to help firefighters stay safer

A fellow firefighter’s near-fatal fall from a roof more than 10 years ago got Capt. Robert Duffy to thinking. There had to be a way to make rooftop operations, one of the most dangerous …
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Springfield Firefighter Creates Invention to Help Colleagues Safely Fight Fires on Roofs

A Springfield firefighter has unveiled his new invention that he hopes will save lives across the country and world.
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Quick Step Anchor® Introduces Safety Step for Truck Company Roof Operations

Quick Step Anchor®, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of its flagship product which dramatically improves the safety of firefighters operating on pitched roofs while performing …
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What Is Vertical Ventilation

Vertical ventilation is the process of allowing heat and smoke to travel upwards and out of a structure. This is performed by cutting vents or making use of existing openings in the roof of the …
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