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Roof Demonstration Prop

Tool’s Needed:
  • Circular Saw
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Phillips Bit
  • Square
  • Straight Edge
  • Utility Knife
  • ½’ Drill Bit
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Chainsaw
Materials Needed:
  • Two 2x4’s – 36” (Top and bottom of box.)
  • Three 2x4’s – 45” (Side and center of box.)
  • Two 2x4’s – 39” (Support Legs)
  • One 2x4 – 30” (Support leg’s bottom brace.)
  • One ½” Piece of plywood cut 3’ x 4’ (Sheathing for roof.)
  • Wood Screw’s – 2 ½’ (Used to screw together 2x4’s.)
  • 8 Penny Nails (Used to nail sheathing to 2x4 box.
  • Roofing Nails (Used to nail shingles to sheathing.)
  • Two 4” Carriage Bolts with Nuts & Washers (Used to connect support legs to roof prop.)
  • One Bundle of Shingles (Applied to sheathing)










Make a 3’x4’ box using 36” and 45” 2x4’s (36” 2x4’s should be screwed to tops of 45” 2x4’s). Nail plywood to top of box using 8 penny nails (nails should be 6” apart). Nail shingles to sheathing (use roofing nails), trim shingle overhang using utility knife. Take 39” 2x4’s and round off corners on one end using reciprocating saw then measure down from rounded end approximately 1 ½” and drill ½’ hole in center. Then place 2x4 inside box with the hole toward top of box mark center of hole on the side support of box. Then drill ½’ hole. Take carriage bolt and insert in hole from outside of box connecting leg support on inside of box together with box (Do same thing for the other leg on the other side). Open legs and screw 30” 2x4 to inside of support legs. Then attach safety rope/cable on one end to support leg brace and other end to box. Then take chainsaw and make kerf cut approximately 24” high on roof prop so you can insert Quick Step Anchor.

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