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Quick Step AnchorĀ® Introduces Safety Step for Truck Company Roof Operations


Quick Step Anchor® Introduces Safety Step for Truck Company Roof Operations

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (April, 2013) – Quick Step Anchor®, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of its flagship product which dramatically improves the safety of firefighters operating on pitched roofs while performing vertical ventilation and other evolutions.

“One of the guys on the job fell off a roof years ago and sustain  injuries—some of them life-threatening—that nearly prevented him from returning to work,” said Captain Rob Duffy, a    19-year veteran of the Springfield (MA) Fire Department. “Reduced staffing makes an already dangerous job even more difficult, and I knew there just had to be a better way to operate on a pitched roof than balancing the sole of your boot on the edge of a pickhead axe or haligan driven into a roof shingle. That got me thinking about how to make roof operations quicker and safer.”

Duffy, a former Marine with a thoughtful and methodical approach to problem-solving, realized that his solution’s design should incorporate three elements: (1) stabilize the position of the firefighter to reduce the likelihood of a fall during roof operations, (2) speed up ventilation operations to decrease the time spent on the roof and (3) stop a fall as it happens so the firefighter can self-rescue back to the step and the ladder.

Features and Benefits? The name of the product says it all:

  • Quick – The device deploys in seconds and gets the firefighter on and then off the roof as fast as possible, reducing the likelihood of injury due to roof collapse.
  • Step – The step instantly adjusts to the pitch of the roof to provide the firefighter with a stable, level surface to stand on, a platform capable of supporting more than 500 pounds.
  • Anchor – If the firefighter were to slip from the step, its anchor and a short tether line will arrest the fall at once.

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