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Firefighter invents lifesaving tool

Firefighter invents lifesaving tool

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) - It's an invention that could help save the lives of firefighters.

Captain Robert Duffy from the Springfield Fire Department unveiled his invention called the "quick step anchor". The device latches on to just about any roof and gives a firefighter a safe place to stand when they are ventilating a fire.

Capt. Duffy told 22News he came up with the idea for the product after a fellow firefighter was seriously injured during a fall.

“There's an anchor point in there that you attach to yourself, so if you happen to slip or fall it's going to stop you from falling,” said Duffy. “It's unbelievable. It's going to give firefighters a second chance when they're on the roof. And you don't get a second chance when you fall.”

The quick step anchor is also being locally manufactured by Jesko Tools in Indian Orchard.

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